Teeth Whitening in Fresno CA

Teeth Whitening in Fresno CA

Professional teeth whitening is a quick and convenient way to brighten teeth and flaunt a set of flawless teeth. Teeth whitening toothpaste is a common everyday tool that is recommended for people looking to whiten their teeth. Over-the-counter whitening products are also available and can be easily applied using strips, trays, rinses, or brushes.

The Basics of Teeth Whitening

Whitening products usually contain tooth bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These disintegrate stains into smaller parts, making it appear less concentrated on the teeth - resulting in brighter teeth.

In the case of whitening agents used in dental offices, the peroxide bleaching agent's concentration is much higher. Thus, they are quicker and more effective in brightening teeth. However, only a trained professional such as a general dentist would be equipped to carry out the process. This is so because as simple as it may sound, the procedure must be carried out skillfully to avoid the other parts of the mouth from being injured by peroxide.

How We Whiten Teeth at Pacific Dental

Here, at Pacific Dental, we take extra caution while conducting the teeth whitening procedure and use retractors to protect the cheeks, tongue, and lip from the whitening solution. Also, a guard would be used to protect the gums during the procedure. Once the whitening agent is applied, a laser is used to activate the peroxide. The agent is left on the teeth for about 30 to 60 minutes based on the shade preferred. In some cases, multiple visits would be required to achieve the desired shade of the teeth.

If you are looking to whiten your teeth and do not wish to concern yourself with the hassle of using over-the-counter or even professional at-home whitening instruments, for that matter, head over to our office at Fresno, CA. You can give us a call at (559) 492-2486 or schedule an appointment online as well. 


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